Dragon ball z super episode 12 English Subbed

Dragon ball z super episode 12 English Subbed –  Titled ” The universe Crumbles?! Clash! The God of Destruction Vs Super Saiyan God!” Has this new found power given Goku the chance he needs to defeat Lord Beerus in the battle and to protect the world ? I don’t think so but for you to see for yourself you will have to watch Dragon Ball Z Super chapter 12. Super Dragon Ball Z is really getting more interesting as time pass, don’t miss a next moment of it reading this…


Beerus in this episode seems to be playing with Goku in his super saiyan God for to get him to the level where he feel he will be a worthy opponent for him. That’s this is just my opinion what is yours on the matter ? leave a comment below and share, like to let other friends and family be up to dated with Super Dragon Ball Z…

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