Dragon ball z super episode 13 English Subbed

Dragon ball z super episode 13 English Subbed –  Titled ” Goku, Go surpass Saiyan God!”  The fight that split the sea and scorched the heavens finally reached it’s climax. Gradually Beerus at his maximum strength began to overpower Goku… The super power of both was about to destroy the universe! The match in Dragon Ball Z Super chapter 13 seems to be getting more intense as Goku keeps surprising Beerus when he think he has won the battle…. See if Goku has any more in him below in the Super Dragon ball Z episode 13.



Beerus is in a league by his self and there is no doubt about based on what we are seeing so far. This is just my assessment what is yours? Leave your comment in the box below and share this with family, friends and foe for even they at times need some excitement. Give the video a thumbs up if you love what you saw.

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