Dragon-ball z super Episode 16 English subbed (sub)

Dragon-ball z super Episode 16 English subbed (sub) – Titled ” Vegeta Becomes a Pupil? Take Down Whis!” – The battle between Goku and Beerus to decide the fate of Earth ended with victory for Beerus but due to the fight with Goku Beerus had no more energy left … so in the middle  of his final attack he fell asleep.  And so, after a fierce death battle peace on earth was finally restored. Goku once again tried to resume to his training but ChiChi told him to work hard for a job instead…  Dragon Ball Super episode 16  see Vegta starting to train with more vigor and persistence to surpass Goku one of his long held dreams which he is dying to full fill…. catching rest of the episode of Dragon Ball z super chapter 16  (Super dragon ball z). If you miss out on the previous episode you can watch it here Dragon ball super episode 15...


Another Great adventure – Dragon Ball super Episode 16


It’s always an anxious, annoying and anticipating moment when you see the end of the chapter because you know you have to wait a week later for the next episode to be release but in the end its always worth the waiting. If you really enjoyed this series Dragon-ball z super Episode 16 episode gives the video a thumbs up, like and share with other families and friends. Stay turn for other the great episodes and adventures of Dragon Ball Super ahead of you…. Do you think Vegat is being to desperate to surpass Goku?  leave a comment your comments below

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