Dragon Ball z Super Episode 44 English Subbed (Sub)

Dragon Ball z Super Episode 44 English Subbed (Sub) – Super Dragon ball z chapter 44 in the last episode –  The fight against the sixth universe end with the victory of Goku and his friends.  However,  Goku who had used his ki irresponsibly in the fight, he had a disorder of delayed effect of ki… Pilaf did not want to miss this opportunity, so he and his gang plan to take his revenge… The plan of Pilaf-Sama did not work. And Pan (who accidental got carried away by dem) returned home to Gohan and Videl like noting had happend.  Titled ” Seal of Planet Potofu– Secret of the superhuman water is unleashed”

Another Great adventure – Dragon Ball Super Episode 44

Dragon Ball z Super Episode 43 English Subbed (Sub)


If you miss out on the previous episode you can watch it here – Dragon Ball Z Super 43. This have been a next great episode of Dragon Ball z Super Episode 44 English Subbed (Sub). Stay tune for the next great episode coming and to view all the episode you can visit here – Dbz super List 

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