Dragon Ball z super chapter 15 super dragon ball z

Dragon Ball z super chapter 15 –  titled ” Heroic Satan, Caused a Miracle! A challenge from Outer Space!”  From the previous battle Episode 14 – The battle between God like Goku and the God of Destruction continued. The fight between the two was extremely fierce and deadly but the conclusion that the battle reach was… Beerus was going to destroy the earth, as promised but his daily lazy life affected his fitness and caused him to reach his physical limit which caused the world to be spare from its destruction…  Dragon Ball Z super 15 (English Dubbed) see Goku start to resort back to his normal way of life and a new beginning for Gohan has  began where starts to pamper Videl who is now carrying his child… See the  rest of the episode of Super Dragon Ball Z  15


A new challenge as arrive on earth which world’s champion know as Mr. Satan was chosen as the opponent see how this turns out and leave your comments, oppions and views on this episode of Dragon ball super…. like and share as well to friends and family ….

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