Sumomo Momomo Episode 4 eng dub (subbed) Chijou Saikyou no Yome



sumomomo momomo episode 4 eng dub


Watch sumomomo momomo chijou saikyou no yome episode 4 english sub – Kōshi Inuzuka is a typical high school trainee who is desiring end up being a district attorney after finishing. One day, an odd lady called Momoko Kuzuryū approaches him and notifies him that they are betrothed and anticipated to produce a strong kid together, though Kōshi does decline it.


Chijou Saikyou no Yome chapter 4


The betrothal happened after Kōshi’s dad and Momoko’s daddy both set up the marital relationship in between their particular kids. After Kōshi and Momoko’s preliminary conference, Kōshi understands that Momoko is not simply a typical, though nevertheless odd, lady, as she has actually been trained by her dad in an unique type of martial arts that just twelve such households in all of Japan have the ability to have.


These twelve households accompany the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, where Momoko is from the household connected with Dragons, while Kōshi is from the household related to Dogs. The Dragon household is the head of the 6 households of the west, whereas the Dog household is the head of the 6 households of the east.

Soon, it is exposed to Kōshi and Momoko that 5 of the 6 western households are out on a plot to assassinate Kōshi to avoid him from weding Momoko, which would seal the twelve households together by bonds of blood. This assassination would be the start of a martial artist war, which would be the seventh such war of the twelve zodiac Masters of Japan. Kōshi should now defend his life as Momoko safeguards him, hoping he will return her love.


Sumomomo momomo volume 4

Koushi moves into the Nakajima apartments, his father’s reprimand still ringing in his ears. Though he is less than thrilled with the idea of becoming a martial artist, Koushi realizes he can’t stay indifferent for long. The Koganei clan is already on the prowl, and a well-aimed poison ping-pong ball catches Koushi off guard. As the slow-working poison takes its toll, Koushi despairs. No amount of training can save him now…but perhaps the Strongest Bride on Earth can?


If you lose out on the previous episode you can view it here – sumomomo momomo chijou saikyou no yome episode 3. This has actually been an excellent episode of Sumomomo Momomo chapter 4. You can now view. Stay tune for the next excellent chapter coming and to see all the episode you can check out here – Sumomomo Momomo



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